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7th April 2011 : Cycling the World for a chance at Freedom.

Spending 15 months on a bike, riding through 27 Countries takes enormous strength and endurance, but it is nothing compared to the strength required by children all around the world who are imprisoned by child trafficking.Tim Holman along with four Australian friends are riding to give these children a voice. Their passion about creating awareness for children who end up in brothels, factories, sweatshops and private homes is an inspiring story that brings hope to these children’s lives. Through the aid of World Vision Tim and his fellow riders hope to generate funds to help these children.Tim hopes that his ride around the world, visiting child rehabilitation centers, will highlight the lack of resources and facilities for these children and also create awareness so as to help other children still in slavery. Tim will set off from London in May, and will be fare welled by well-known celebrity supporters Trudy Styler and her husband Sting. To set such an extreme challenge shows the stamina and determination of the riders but in Tim’s words this is first and foremost about the kids – “Ride2Rescue is about educating and inspiring people to act on child trafficking, to break the cycle, and free child slaves.The money raised through sponsorship will be used in order to put together a documentary about the ride and about the plight of child trafficking victims and will assist with the costs of logistics.Any remaining funds will then be donated to World Vision Australia’s Child Rescue, the charity committed to abolishing child slavery and rehabilitating those children that have been former victims so that they can experience a childhood and have a future.” Tim Said.Release ends

Trudie Styler and Sting

Trudie Styler and Sting are supporting Ride2Rescue in their fight against child trafficking
“We are proud to be able to support the amazing Ride2Rescue London to Melbourne cycle trip.

We have known Daniel Seehusen for almost a year now and for him to be part of such an ambitious adventure comes as no surprise, because he has such tremendous drive, energy, self-assurance and a genuinely big heart.

Child trafficking is a global problem and one of humanity’s most terrible crimes, and one which should be exposed and tackled as a matter of urgency. We applaud these five guys for their commitment to this cause, and wish them all the luck in the world.”

– Trudie Styler and Sting.

Sophie Van Den Akker – Australia’s Next Top Model Finalist and 2011 Speedo Ambassador

“Child trafficking is an issue that affects millions of children every year.

Ride2Rescue are going out and learning about the cause through an adventurous and courageous sporting accomplishment in hope that they can inspire others to act in defiance of child trafficking.

This journey is one in which I am both happy to endorse and passionate about helping.

When my good friend Tim Holman told me what was he was doing I was instantly moved as I knew that this epic adventure is one that has the potential to inspire millions of people.

I wish them the best of luck and will offering the boys as much of my support as possible.”

– Sophie Van Den Akker


MP Ryan Smith – Minister for Youth Affairs and Minister for Environment and Climate Change

“Every year 1.2 million children around the world are trafficked . These young people are sold into slavery, hazardous labour, combat and prostitution.

All young people should have an opportunity to a childhood that is free from fear. Children sold into trafficking do not have the same opportunities to go to school, access health and create pathways to employment that many young Victorians enjoy.

I congratulate the Ride2Rescue youth volunteers who are taking action to address youth injustice.

As the Minister for Youth I am proud to endorse the work Ride2Rescue Victorian team as they prepared to ride 25,000 km to raise awareness about child trafficking

I encourage young people to join in the team’s journey and sign up to the Ride2Rescue facebook page as well as visit”

– MP Ryan Smith


Keith Richardson, Faculty of Business, Victoria University
The teachers and students within the Business and Finance School, Victoria University are extremely proud to be involved with Ride2rescue.

Students from Public Relations and Advertising are working on the creation of an awareness campaign with the Australian Media. As a graduate from Victoria University and the School of Business and Finance we are all proud of Tim and what he and his team is planning to do.

– Keith Richardson


Scott McGrory – Olympic Gold Medallist, Cycling Coach at the Victorian Institute of Sport and OAM
“The Ride2Rescue touches me in two very distinct ways. Having a cycling background I can fully understand the sporting challenge ahead for the riders involved.

To ride from London to Melbourne is an amazing challenge, and adventure, that’s not to be underestimated. That said I know the guys have what it takes to achieve their goals and make it all the way, and share what will be an amazing experience.

As a father of two gorgeous girls, I absolutely understand and support the Ride2Rescue in it’s underlining goal of drawing attention to atrocities towards children. I admire the passion the riders have to simply do the right thing, and stand up for the most venerable of people, the kids. The Ride2Rescue is a unique way of delivering an essential message that I for one hopes, no, wishes, will see changes made to see better protection of children no matter where they come from.”

– Scott McGrory


Andrew Collins – 3 x Hawthorn Premiership Player, Coach, School Teacher and Father
“Like so many Australians I am aware of human trafficking occurring in the world. We read and watch the very occasional story on the subject and we all are emotionally moved. Yet tomorrow I know it will be distant from my thoughts as life goes on. Why?

As a former coach of Daniel and Nick, I challenge these young men through this adventure to keep serious attention on the crime and human shame of children trafficking.

I hope you inspire us all through this test of endurance.”

– Andrew Collins


Ranil Rajapaksha – Director, Raedium Digital

“Raedium digital is privileged to support the Ride2Resuce cause because we echo the strong opposing views of child abuse.

The reason for our involvement extends beyond that, to also supporting the team members involved, in particular, Tim Holman, who brought the idea to life from a mere conversation and evolving it to an impressive event it is turning out to be.

We encourage other corporations and businesses to not only support a very important (and sometimes forgotten) cause, but also encourage such passionate and positive individuals who walk the talk (or in this instance, ‘Ride the Talk’).

Raedium digital looks forward to following the Ride2Rescue journey, every step of the way, and thankyou for approaching us and providing an opportunity for us to be involved.”

– Ranil Rajapaksha


Rohan Burdett – Director, Promax

“Here at Promax we believe in getting the most out of everyday and in order to do that we focus our energy on achieving our goals.

We are delighted to be involved with Ride2Rescue – what the guys are about to embark on is truly getting the most out of their day.

We hope that Promax assists the guys in reaching this significant milestone.”

– Rohan Burdett


Cr Peter Cole – Founder of Spirit of Sharing, OAM (Order of Australia Medal)

“I have chosen to support Ride2Rescue as the ride is to draw attention to one of the worst scourges of our time, Child Trafficking.

Ride2Rescue is a group of driven, enthusiastic, caring, sport loving people who have chosen to give up a year to raise awareness all over the world of the evils of Child Trafficking.

I believe the dedication of this team is capable of bringing this issue to the attention of millions of people, many of whom are quite unaware of the extent of the problem.
If you are considering supporting Ride2Rescue, I urge you to do so, as you will be doing your bit to stop Child Trafficking.

No matter how big or small, your donation of finance, time or expertise will make a difference.

Together we can take a stand.”

– Cr Peter Cole



Sue Grayson – Represented Australia at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Marathon, Winner 1989 & 1990 Empire State Building Stair Run

“I have known Daniel and Nick for seven years, having first met when they were playing football for Box Hill Football Club (the affiliate club for Hawthorn FC in the Australian Football League)

As Fitness Co-ordinator for the club, I was continually impressed by their dedication to training and commitment to always achieve their personal best. Whether it was the challenge of overcoming an injury or responding to the team and coach’s goals, their devotion to supporting others was endless.

I have total admiration for their forthcoming challenge. Two fine young men with huge hearts, abundant motivation, a sense of care and self sacrifice. The Ride2Rescue will be an inspiration to others to take the initiative and tackle this global problem”.

– Sue Grayson