CALL FOR PAPERS and VIDEOS in different languages

If interested on publishing your Paper and/or Video  please send them to us.

Languages: English,Francaise,Italiano,Deutsch,Espanol

Subjects :

1-To be published in  Prosumerzen and Westphalia XXI

Geopolitics,Politics,Finance,Military,Intelligence,Non State Actors ,(please see our classification at,Strategy,History,Terrorism,Transnational Organized Crime,NGO,International Organizations,Technology,Virtual World,Economy,Future Trends,Social Trends,Cyber,Social Network

2- to be published in Spiriterial

Life Style,Fashion,Design,Food,Brand,Health,Spirituality,Psychology,Family ,Childs, Job environment , Coaching, Carrier,Events,Architecture,Movies,Music,Online Game

3- to be published in Artagorapolis


4- Videos to be published in Prosumerzen Open TV

About what below mentioned, In the case your Paper is multimedia supported by  video/audio we will publish them in Prosumerzen Open TV and we link the  two articles.

How to submit ?

Format: Word and not .pdf

Abstract : 2 pages of detailled abstract , the index and the biobliogrpahy

Copyright/To contact the Author : will add the information to contact you as well as the copyright to protect your work.

Please send them to :