About Us to turn your messages into the world

Competency,Consistency,Flexibility, Quality,Reliability , these five words explain our way !

Jewir GmbH offers an unique portfolio of flexible and cost effective services and solution laser focused on turning your message into markets.

The global and flexible offer is structured around our world class Internet Magazines, (Inzines), able to bridge your messages to high end, cosmopolitan and affluent audiences.

Our Inzines are so flexible that are able to reach either local and national as well as international markets.

But we have more to turn your message into markets™ :

I.            stream TV integrated with social network

II.            online brand /reputation monitoring & management

III.            conversion rate optimization to increase the “buying/reservation”

IV.            4 internet magazines with articles  ranked on average in the top 20-70 in the world . The 25% of the articles are not published in English but in 14 other languages, ( 4 each day in 4 different languages).

V.            internet survey

VI.            social network management

VII.            3D videos

  1. print on demand services  for brochure or  corporate books

IX.            editorial content promotion to 5.000 bloggers worldwide

X.            database

XI.            twitter community based CRM

XII.            community to promote a product ,( test with a novel)

If you are a Media Professional interested on channeling your adverting inside our  internet presence please  find more at  www.ym2wm.com


Dear Readers

We invite you to visit our internet magazines and stream TV

About geopolitics and geofinance. Prosumerzen www.prosumerzen.net

About the trends between states and non state actors : WestphaliaXXI www.westphaliaxxi.com

About spiritual and material sustainable life style : Spiriterial www.spiriterial.com

About art and culture : Artagorapolis  www.u4art.com

Our Open TV. Not only video but also more than 4.000 releases each day selected inside the top 100 newspapers in the world:  www.info4tv.org

Il Romanzo www.glispeculari.com